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Yii Php Framework

Yii - Yee - Yes It Is! acronym for questions whether "Is it Fast?", "Is it right for my next project ?", "Is it powerful?", "Is it Secure?", "Is it professional?"

Yes it is powerful, secure, professional, community supported, ready for web 2.0, flexible and modular, uses ORM, and according to us the best php development framework.

Yii has an in-built role based access control system, easily configurable and powerful to support various role-based access requirements. It has extension and Module based architecture that enhances application capabilities with third-party extensions and libraries. New libraries can be integrated as extensions in it. Modular architecture empowers it to integrate with other applications deeply and build application sub-parts as independent modules.

Yii provides active record support, database access objects and uses various behavior based management. You can configure the validations at the data level and build custom validators. Build relational db complex queries or data grids. Its MVC approach separates the presentation layer from the service and data layer. the presentation layer is aided with portlets, widgets. This makes it easy to build applications supporting twitter Bootstrap or HTML5. it has all the ajax-based widgets inherently.

With access rules, database relations and access filters, an application can have all the control it needs to support new features and provide performance. It provides for url-rewriting and now support custom rewriting classes that can do great to any website's SEO and usability. With a growing community, and extensive documentation your applications can be customized and maintained at lower costs.

It supports internationalization, webservices, localization for translations, formatting and complex WSDLs. Automatic code generation and layered caching support provides faster building applications that met the speed/ loading time benchmarks.