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E-Commerce Development Services to Meet Your Goals

E-commerce is an idea of conducting commerce over the world wide web or internet as we call it. It can be about a single products that merchants sell into markets (Business-to-Business: B2B) or directly to the consumer (Business-to-Consumer: B2C), or a whole range of product under various categories or brands that are sold on a portal that also hosts membership rewards, discount deals or hot auctions. You may relate to one of the scenarios:

A Merchant with offline Presence looking to Open Online Channel

Limited by the visibility you get to your business by the location of your shop? Or constrained by the number of products you are able to display in your showroom? We can Help.

On the internet a seller can display a much larger catalog of products than it is possible in one store location. The reach of the business extends to global audiences that enable them to efficiently use the potential of their products.

A Large scale eCommerce seller who wants to utilize new technologies

Technology changes every minute, there are always new competition cropping up here and there, enticing customers like never before with their new shiny and sleek designs. A lot rides on display in eCommerce, of course it is not a brick and mortar store where people can touch and feel the products.

Technology enables businesses to change their working model, absorb new methods and change their processes to support complex business workflows. A lot goes behind the homepage boost for a category or product deals. Efficient fulfillment process is important like never before. Every minute counts while a customer waits on phone to either book an order or to know the status of shipping.

We make the technology meet the business need in effective and efficient ways. If need be we can introduce new operational methods to make the process seamless and solve problems with new technology. We build Solr utilizing multi-faceted, filters, sorts, spellchecker, auto-complete and smart search modules that bring powerful relevancy to the search and navigation experience to your users.

An Online Aggregater who is looking to build loyal customer base

What makes a eCommerce website different from the next one sitting next to it, or an upcoming new kid on the block with all media going about it. A Loyal customer base is never built over-night, and there is only so much possible with "lowest" price stores. Price wars always have limits. There are other ways to attract customers to book orders and come again to book another. People want different products every time the visit a site, out of need or out of preference.

An Online aggregator has power to provide cross-sells, or up-sells, or combo-deals like no other type of e-tailer. Loyal customers can be rewarded for their shopping behavior or value. It is well known observation that once a customer registers on a shopping portal, chances are he'd not be switching to another for a 10 bucks price difference unless it happens for EVERY purchase. 

Customer profiles can be built over time, with behavior, matured into leads for partners or targeting for new product launches. A loyal customer base gives that much power to the community portal. We implement customized affiliate modules, loyalty mechanisms and business intelligence enabled workflows to help your business stay ahead of its competition.

A Retailer or e-Retailer looking to consolidate supply chain and operations

With so many channels of sales and new coming every few months, merchants have to keep their supply chains ready for that big spike in orders, always being able to monitor and track their inventories. Or keep records of the order history to employ business intelligence that enables better Return on Investment or always having optimal stocks.

If the supply can not match the speed of changes in the orders, it can cost important time of money to the business. We are in a world of integrated-intelligence. Systems interact with each other to keep their own internal processing pressure-free, teams like to project and meet targets. Stability is a big tenet of success. Enabling modules like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Management Information System (MIS) and Vendor/ Affiliate Management System (VMS) are required for any successful supply chain and customer centered business.