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In events of process transformation, business transition and brand evolution businesses need the consultancy of experts to drive their teams through these challenges and drive in better results, achieve sustainable stability and experience success. Our consulting service help business reach their IT goals, go online and expand their reach and transform their brands and websites to cutting edge in design and application capabilities.

Website/ Application Evaluation

Every website is built with intent and interest from the stakeholders, who try to launch it with the best technology in running and designs that breeze in feeling of fresh perspective. With time websites start to loose interest of users, edge of usability that they once boasted, speed of operations and efficiency of workflow. The website evaluation consultation becomes need of every website, every 3 months to couple of years, depending on the vertical or industry under consideration. 

Websites becoming part of online reputation and brand face, makes them candidate of evolution every now and then. This includes evaluation of search optimization of websites, technical score of operations and testing of user experience benchmarks. Add to this the performance optimization that comes into frame due to data-accumulation and server health over a medium to long period of time. Evaluation and re-Evaluation are part of best service a web application can receive on frequent basis.

Business Process Management

Just like websites business processes have been evolving over the last couple of decades, with new concepts and definitions making rounds in the business planning circles. CMM, SixSigma, PCMM, ISO and many more business processes have caught fancy of business managers. Every process transition and adaptation has challenge rider on such steps. We can train your team to adapt to new business process or technological adaptation with sessions and continuous tracking of every transition stage.

Every new technology injection in the operational tasks forces the team to understand a fresh perspective and how that changes day-to-day operations. Change Management is often talked and over-discussed process, but the efficiency of such inclusion is just as elusive. Our Consultancy Service enables teams to adapt to changes without a lot of disturbance and avoiding loss of productivity.

Information Technology Services

Businesses are moving to integrated systems over the web, on the local area networks or virtual private networks and on the cloud to enjoy the benefits of scale-ability of management systems, flexibility of web systems and conducting more business with more visibility, transparency. Data is flowing over the roof, more digital records of inventory, behavior logs and effect of every subtle change to revenues needs to be evaluated and responded in information technology era of the day.

We provide expertise to wade through this storm of information and data, We can deploy a team to support our research and evaluation. At the same time we work with client team(s) to deploy solutions and processes, and carry out the transitions seamlessly integrating new steps and stages of business operations.