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Research and Analysis are Ongoing Requirements for Businesses

Everyone that had brush with the digital information databases, know that we are living in an age of over-abundance of information and overwhelming availability of quick information chunks. Ask anyone about a question or a term, they would be able to talk about it within minutes with help of a simple search on google. Everyone knows that's the power of search engines which has empowered us like never before.

But there is a lack of understanding and comprehension of systems around us on the scale as the availability of information, we have so much and so quick information that it has enabled us to loose the underlying understanding of systems around us. Both come together with the tools and tricks of search systems. Teams that are becoming bigger and broader are looking to get specialists and experts to help them maintain the big systems. Our System Analysis services inject that analyst required in your team, helping you wade through oceans of information and pick your suitable bits.

Estimation and Budgeting

Every new initiative, be it intra-team or inter-team or within a set of businesses, requires to have estimation of whats up ahead and how much. Budgets of effort as well as funds are eventually first stage of any initiative getting a node to start. It is important to understand the effects initiatives would have on the team's operative routines, company's funds and cash-flows and department' training/ growth plans.
For estimations we use functional points, software economics, metrics based cost-benefit study and return on investment analysis. Our estimation services give you edge in projecting and extrapolating usage pattern of software, in consideration.

Feasibility Analysis

There is always some distance between and idea and a pragmatic running system, and the difference is between an emotional expectation from a system and a system with risk-analysed, risk-mitigated, operationally profitable system. It all starts with customer expectations, there are stated and un-stated expectations and requirements underlying in every project concept note or idea.
Our Feasibility Analysis works via customer collaboration at various levels and project estimation as well as earned value study. We map the business, technology and operational risks, to points that can be discussed and marked for further system or process adaptation.

Quality and Testing

Every analysis starts with using the system that is under analysis, in and out marking the system on various quality benchmarks and usability indexes. Before a design can be proposed, quality tests are carried out and reports of testing are shared in stakeholders to lay the road map for future.

For every system analysis project there are two deliverable a project roadmap that encloses estimation, budget, feasibility and client expectations; and project blueprint that serves as stepping stone for design change or process transformation.

A project roadmap maps resource requirements and how and where to find them, project functional requirements mapped to points and identifying risks and how to mitigate them or contain them over the period of project or multiple phases. And a project blueprint contains the various documents and diagrams that deal with specific functional and technical points. It becomes the main guide for system designers, user interface development, database architects, content developers, development team and their project managers.