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Can Website maintenance be outsourced tension-free?

A website is an idea that comes across as pages and interactions over the internet, between users and the website owner. We provide variety of services and support to websites that have individual owners or big communities/ corporations as owners, by providing content maintenance, design incorporation and implementation and server side-enabling feature development. We provide change-driven and test-driven maintenance services as well.

Website Content Maintenance

With the recent launch of host of new content management systems and web publishing platforms as well as old customized publishing data-input methods used by various websites, there is a need for a content management team to be ready for changes and data-entry everyday. In some cases a small team is required for only 3-4 days a month  with a 24-48 hour buffer time to start and complete content changes on websites.

Small website administrators can not afford luxury of employing such teams for the whole month when the actual effort does not reach even a week. Our content maintenance service team comes handy in scenarios like this. We respond to such requests within 12 hours and complete in very small time and stand by instructions for weeks.

It is a win-win situation where webmasters enjoy the support of professionals without keeping them on-roll, as well as not relying on freelancers who cannot be entrusted with responsibility or data.

Website Design Maintenance

With every quarter and next, there is a viral new design going rounds in the webmaster circles. Modular design, portlets, sliders, HTML5, responsive and minimal, the designs keep getting better and more attractive, and sometimes simpler (check the google for starters). There is always that need to capture the users/ visitors attention with the Wow that comes with such designs.

For a long time websites designs were dependent on the technologies that drive them. Not anymore, now the designs can be closer to the idea or the user behavior, rather than the enabling technology. Technology is not such a worry anymore, and even if it is, it can be decoupled with the need of a website.

We provide dedicated designer and a design team along with business analysis services that evaluate a certain design to your business presentation, the perfect mix to mold a design that both suits the user as well as is effective in your conversions.

Web Application Maintenance

If we are talking about designs getting better with every passing year, the web applications that serve the nut and bolts for that charming user experience are not far behind. We technologies are getting better and better, more flexible and more independent and ever more integration-savvy.

With the rise of social networks, every website is required to integrate and 'talk' to the web services and APIs (as called in the tech jargon, Application Programming Interface), add to this the user communities maturing and seeking more and better integrated websites that help them keep their eye-balls to a single site without getting a feeling of falling in boredom of old experience.

Websites are required to evolve to the need of hour and new trends in user engagement. At the same time support change in their operational methods Or to support the same operations with better software, we applications also are in turmoil to adapt to all that's going on around them.

We provide affordable and effective web application maintenance services, that work with a single point of contact (SPOC) for each such application maintenance phase, to efficiently provide deliveries on time and make sure development team is on same page as the client team.